Credit for churches & Christian movements

As we are a Christian financial institution we thought those who dedicate their lives in churches activities and ministries by offering them loans products to facilitate their tasks and accomplish different goals in life.
a) GANZA Kingdom: is a loan granted to churches, Christian’s institution for building, buying to own a land, musical instruments or any other material that will be useful in the church or a ministry, for salaries and other.
For reimbursement, this loan will be paid daily within thirty-six months.

b) KINGDOM SHEPHERD: Loans for pastors and elders of churches to help them to buy their own land, build their houses, paying school fees, and buy their cars. Paid daily within thirty six months.

c) KINGDOM CHOIR: If a choir has an account in ACB Ltd, we can give to them a loan to facilitate : buying musical instruments or to repair it, to buy uniforms or giving them a loan to facilitate their travels for evangelism.

D) NEW GENERATION KINDOM: It is loan dedicated to the youth locate in churches .This youth must have an ongoing or a planned rentable project. This youth must have an opened account in ACB Ltd .

E) KINGDOM GROUP: This loan is granted to groups found in churches and it does not require to have guaranteed as long as they have a guarantee fund or the church or the ministry agrees to be their guarantees.
We also give loans to those who are out churches in different activities like:

Created on : 29 November 2015