Senior Management

Mr Froduald Munyankiko, the Managing Director of ACB Plc has 6 years in the Banking sector. He previously served in organizations supporting micro finance institutions for more than 10 years at senior positions ie development adviser, country director and regional coordinator. He was the chairperson, Board of Directors of Amasezerano Community Banking for 5 years before his appointment to the Managing Director role. He possesses a Bachelor degree in Business Administration, and two Masters: one in Management and another one in Development Studies.

Albert BIZIMUNGU is the Business Development Manager at Amasezerano community banking. he has 6years of banking experience . He is responsible for the development of Amasezerano community banking. Albert holds a Bachelor degree in Management from ULK,he has a professional course in Principles of corporate fraud detection and prevention ,Time management and Leadership .

Jean Isaac NDAYISENGA joined ACB in may 2018 and he is a Finance manager .Prior to joining the Amasezerano Community banking, he worked in SAGER GANZA COMPANY as Branch Manager. Isaac holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting (faculty) from University of Rwanda Gikondo(SFB)

Ms Immaculate Mutesi is the Head of Human Resources. She is a dynamic professional who is in the banking sector for one a half years. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and has a certificate in Strategic Human Resources. Ms Immaculate joined ACB Plc from the business sector where she had spent more than three years. Her interest is to build HR systems that will increase the performance of ACB Plc team